Best days out of the year to go to Disneyland and dca parks

Just curious what days out of the year that the park seems to be at its emptiest with the least amount of people and the shortest wait times.

I would check the crowd calendar. I find that mid week end of January to be relatively empty

Midweek is usually best especially in any period of time in between special events/promotions/celebrations. Early this year we went from Superbowl Sunday to the Thursday after. Sunday was also the last day of the Lunar New Year celebration. Sunday was definitely crowded but Mon-Wed was amazingly low crowds. The flip side of that is that the operating hours are trimmed down with the parks sometimes closing as early as 8pm or 9pm after opening at 10am. Also, no fireworks or F! to end your night. With a 10am opening everyone can wake up & get to rope drop meaning that there is no quiet early hours to walk onto rides.

For me personally, I’d rather show up to the parks early for an 8am opening, even if it will be a busier day & have that quiet early hours to walk on rides, then once it starts getting crowded (and/or too hot) take a midday break, coming back refreshed to tour until the park closes at 11pm or midnight.

I think we were in the parks at the same time last year! I thought Super Bowl Sunday would’ve been a little bit lower crowd level, but it was definitely the most busy day of our Friday to Monday trip.

We ended up in the parks during Superbowl 2015 as well and I definitely noticed more crowds last year. I do think it being the last day of an extended Lunar New Year celebration contributed. I was certainly glad when at the end of the day I had decided to book our World of Color Dessert Party for that night of the trip.