Best Days in October for HEA and Epcot

WHAT a puzzle October is ending up to be! I am trying to schedule 2 days each at Epcot and MK between 10/21 and 10/29 but my spreadsheet is becoming a mess. I have two priorities, avoid Epcot on Sat/Sun (maybe even Fri) and see HEA on one of my days at MK. I also want to do EMM at DHS so I can only do DHS on Mon/Wed. And I don’t want to be doing EMM the morning after HEA…

For HEA I will have DS4 and my two parents. As of now, my DH plans to bring DS1 back to the hotel. I’m planning to do a Chef Mickey’s dinner so that we can park at the Contemporary to exit. I was thinking that going on a night with evening EMH might be better, because fewer people would be trying to exit, but is that just wishful thinking? I just feel like Monday is a better day than Saturday too. I know that HEA is going to be crowded no matter what, but we would like to spend some additional time there during the day too.

Is something going on 10/29 at Epcot? TP has it as a 1 but Undercover Tourist has the overall day as a 7 and Epcot as an exclamation point (bad). Is Epcot on a Friday that bad? My last experience on a Saturday during F&W was NEVER AGAIN.

Epcot: 10/24 (Thurs 8am EMH, CL6) or 10/25 (Fri CL5)

MK: 10/26 (Sat CL7) or 10/28 (Mon 12m EMH, CL6)