Best days for AK and MK?

Which days seem to be the best choice for AK and MK? I thought Wednesdays were good for AK, but checking the app this morning I am seeing a lot of long waits. My tentative schedule for our trip is below. What changes would you make? Thank you!
Sun: HS
Mon: EP
Tue: MK
Wed: AK
Thu: HS
Fri: EP
Sat: MK

Well, personally I think the two worst parks to do on the weekend are MK and HS. You have both parks on weekends.

You may want to consider moving AK to Saturday.

You might want to swap you last two days as well so that MK doesn’t fall on a Saturday.

In general, wait times are going up across all the parks now as crowds increase.


After reading comments on another thread, I switched my days so that EPCOT was on Saturday, AK will be on Sunday. I had HS and MK on those days, so I still had time to change my park reservations.

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Any day of the week that ends in “day” is a good day to go to AK and MK.

That’s true…although our experience in August was that MK on Saturday was super crowded to the point of struggling to enjoy it. When we returned the following Thursday, it was far more enjoyable in terms of crowds.

We also experienced busy MK Saturday on our last trip- pre-Covid. I’d avoid it too.

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Another vote for avoiding MK on Saturday, unless you are wanting to end the trip with MK which I like to do as well. But understand it will likely be much more crowded. Maybe do MK Monday/Friday and Epcot Tuesday/Saturday?

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