Best day to do AK

Hi!! I am trying to finalize my days at the parks. I want to settle all of our ADRs and cancel what I don’t need. We were planning to do AK for morning EMH on Monday (our 1st day), but I am wondering if I shouldn’t change it to Friday (our last day). There is no EMH that day. When considering the FPP for the Avatar rides, do you think I have a better chance at the end of the week than the beginning? I am thinking of all the people who have their 60 day reservations before us. I am trying to figure out what our best chances are. I was thinking using the morning EMH just in case we can’t get FPP. We could rope drop. So stressful! I have ADRs at Tusker House that day. I would like to cancel them so someone else can get them. I don’t want to hoard. Thanks!!

It is generally thought that the later you plan you AK in your trip the better your chances are of getting a FP for Flight of Passage earlier in the day. You might be able to get them for your first day, but flexibility with times might be harder. You can only FP one of the Avatar rides at a time (both are Tier 1, all other rides are Tier 2). You might be able to get the river ride as your fourth FP of the day.

We rope dropped FOP twice last June and it was a good strategy if you are willing to be there at least an hour early (they are opening the gates about 30 minutes early and walk you toward Pandora, where you wait til they let you in the land, which I believe is still earlier than the posted opening, 10-15 mins). We got there late for rope drop one day and still managed to pretty much walk on the river ride.

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