Best Day for MK in Oct 2018

I need help deciding between Monday Oct 15, 2018 at the MK which is predicted by TP to be an 8/10 on the crowd calendar versus Wednesday Oct 17, 2018 which is predicted to be a 7/10 on the crowd calendar but has EMHs from 9-11pm. I am trying to avoid MNSSHP as I’ve been before and don’t want to be kicked out of the park at 6 pm and that only leaves Mon and Wed of our weeks vacation to go to the MK. I have read in multiple places to avoid the parks with evening EMHs unless you plan to use them, which we don’t as we have a 2 year old. Does anyone have any advice or any idea why this particular Monday in October is predicted to be so busy at MK?

It is prime fall break time. Also, Monday’s are always busy at MK since most people start their trip there. A difference of one CL isn’t much though. Which works better with your plans?

Wednesday does work the best, so maybe that is our best choice despite the EMHs? Maybe my toddler will rally and we can stay up late? Ha! Not likely!