Best dates for possible solo trip?

So…let’s say I was kicking around the idea of a solo trip. A Sunday to Sunday trip any week in January or February. Which weeks would be the “best?” Which weeks should I avoid? Not saying at all this trip will happen, but Allegiant Air has cheap direct flights from a small airport an hour from my house. The nonstop flights go to Sanford, not MCO, so that would involve a bunch of other questions. But first, the hurdle of which week?


I’d pick either January 29- Feb. 5 or February 5-12


Well, the All Star resorts are 100% booked for all of January and February. Is that typical? I can get a random 2-3 days in the middle of a week in mid January, but that’s all I can find. There are no week-long rooms available at all at All Stars. Pop century has availability the week ending in Presidents Day weekend, but I would prefer not being there at all on a “holiday.”

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So I booked a last minute trip Feb 14-18 with a friend. We are going to do the After Hours parties which are typically on Sunday and Wednesday or something, but on that week are on the 15th and 16th.

I was hoping to stay in the Epcot area but all the hotels are booked then too. :frowning:

If you want in on the “mini” Liner meet, choose dates that coincide with January 18-22.


Did you find availability at any resorts that week?

How much lead time do you need?
Availability could open up a week out as folks cancel their room only reservations.

Are the DS hotels all booked - B Resort, Holiday Inn, Doubletree. They might be good for backup to cancel when a value/moderate opens up last minute.

Or sample lots of resorts! If it’s Tuesday it must be Pop. :smile:

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I was able to get pop for the 14-18. Those were the cheapest flight dates so I was focused on those. (I got two round trip tickets for about $500 on United!)


I think I’m just going to wait until early summer and take the kid with me. He wants to go back to UOR, so we might tack on a few Disney days (or more or a week or…you know…Disney math!) :blush:


We like going in early February. If you’re a festival person, check out the start date for Festival of the Arts.