Best dates, first week of April?

About to pull the trigger on our first Disney trip…looking at mid March, or early April…ho about April 1-8? With Easter Being April 16, think we may be safe? And advice is helpful for this first time Disney family!

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I have an AP that will expire on April 18th so I have been looking at early April dates. I would pick those dates but I figure discount dates may be a good indicator. Of course those will not come out for a long time.

We go this week most years, and plan to be there next year as well. In 2014, when Easter was similar in timing to 2017, the parks were wonderful and not very crowded (to us). In 2015 Easter was during this time so crowds were higher. I would expect moderate crowds, although if you have never been before you might think it feels very crowded compared to say late January. The parks are just busy all year round now, but early April can be great.

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I’m an annual passholder, weekday select and they have blocked out the 2nd and 3rd week of April, which means the parks are going to be crowded. I’m not seeing any good crowd levels until the end of April. It is already crazy now. I was at the parks twice this week and Monday, MK was a level 9, and Wednesday MK was a level 7. I’m going on March 27. It will be a little busy but tolerable. I recommend the last week of March, and first week of April, but bring your patience and lowered expectations, because Touring Plans has not been accurate lately. Make sure to get to the parks early, have your fast passes in the middle of the day and take breaks when you are tired so you can deal. Also plan the shaded attractions during the heated hours in the middle of the day. It has been hot enough this week to get a little dehydrated and tired.