Best date for Not so Scary Halloween Party

Hi everyone,

This year, we have the opportunity to attend the Not so Scary Halloween Party either on September 2nd or on September 8th. What will be the least crowded date?
Is there any risk that one of this two date sold out?

Thanks a lot for your help

Have a magical day.

According to this touring plans blog the 2nd will have slightly less waits. There has been some talk that the 2nd may have a lot of bloggers and podcasters but maybe they don’t go on the attractions?

I was able to get tickets to the party on the 2nd and partly chose that day because the crowds are supposed to be so low. However, the dessert party has been sold out for a long time. I’m starting to wonder if maybe it will be more crowded. There are still dessert party tickets available for other dates, but not mine. Not sure if that is a sign or not, but it has me concerned.

I actually think that since there will most likely be a lot of bloggers and podcasters, the dessert party would be something they would want to review.

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