Best CS at AK?

currently have ADR for Rainforest, but I don’t sense much interest in that since we have one here, and my kids (DS16, DD8, DS7) don’t love the special effects there for some reason (Who knew?!). Thinking about switching to a CS meal for our day there and using our TS (DDP) for a different day. Unforutnately the top choice (Flame Tree BBQ) is closed when we will be there… Yak and Yeti and tusker house are both full for ADR. Help!

Yak and Yeti has a Counter Service option as well and it is very highly rated.

Many people report that the Chicken Fried Rice which qualifies as a snack credit is actually large enough to eat as a meal.


The Disney Food Blog has some info on where to find the food from Flame Tree while the restaurant itself is closed. Some of the seating for Flame Tree may also be available, and you could bring your food over there to eat.

I’m often in the minority, but I prefer restaurantasaurus for the variety. But Yak and Yeti is very good too.

I love Yak and Yeti CS. It is on our “must do” very trip.

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Yak & Yeti Local Foods is my favorite counter service in the park. My current selections are two appetizers - the chicken friend rice and pork egg roll, which isn’t dining plan friendly (though I think you can order these as “snacks”), but is very tasty.

FWIW, Flame Tree is still operating a small stand during their renovations, so if that’s your #1 choice, then you can still get their food.

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I can’t believe I am going to agree with a fan of the Flyers :wink:, but the chicken fried rice and pork egg roll w/ a safari amber is my go to lunch at Yak and Yeti CS in AK.


[quote=“J_ClaytonIII, post:7, topic:11194”]
I can’t believe I am going to agree with a fan of the Flyers[/quote]
Dare I ask what hockey team you support?!

Probably shouldn’t, this way we don’t argue over sports teams or which road is better Broad St. or Broadway?

Well, at least you have good taste in food!