Best Crowd Calendar?

We’re headed to Disney with park days Oct 7-14. TP has crowd levels predicted between 4-7 that week (Columbus Day is the only 7). However, other sites are fluctuating. Undercover Tourist seems to agree most with Touring Plans while Kenny the Pirate lists most of the week as “Insane” and wdwpredschool says heavy-heaviest. Any idea which crowd predictor tends to be most accurate? Or is it a complete guessing game?

It won’t affect when we go - I’m just wondering what to expect. I know the difference between 7 and 8 won’t be huge, but it seems like between 4 and 10 might be a pretty big difference!

I tend to go with the TP predictions as I feel that they are the most accountable - they keep a history of their predictions and evaluate how they did, which few, if any, of the other sites do. Not that this helps you very much when they are wrong, but it at least shows that they are putting in the effort to look at past their past predictions to make the current ones better.

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I’m hoping the TP ones are correct! :slight_smile: Thanks!

You would think the TP ones are. You just have to go with your gut - they underestimate and it is irrelevant anyway if you’re looking at ride times. If its quiet Disney will have fewer staff which means fewer ride cars/loaders and long queues. If its busy its long queues. All main rides are now pretty much 1hr after 10:30. I find Kenny (and his pal Josh at the most accurate. Look at Epcot this week - virtually empty but Test Track is 90 minutes from 9:30 and around 2-3 hours for the rest of the day. Soarin’ is 50minutes+ all day. Crowd levels “feel like” heavy - medium - light these days with light being a 6 on most calendars. Even Disney are reducing Summer prices and with Pandora brand new.