Best club level to book?

We are staying again next December, need recommendations for best club level to book. We have stayed Poly club and are staying AKL club this February. Thank you!

My personal favorite club level is Wilderness Lodge but Grand Destino gets rave reviews.

We stayed at BWI club level in May; it was fantastic! Trying BC next month.


AKL was the only one I really thought worth it, WL was a close second. BW and BC I wouldn’t bother with again. Caveat - I’m a solo traveler and the breakfast selection usually offered in the lounge isn’t my thing.

We are big fans of the Contemporary and love the views of the MK and the fireworks (although the lake views are equally nice). We’ve been treated well there and enjoy the proximity to the MK. We are DVC members, so we don’t do club level on every trip, but have added a few days to the end of some trips. We would like to try the WL next and an Epcot resort at some point.

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We have stayed at the YC but wanted the bigger room which was available at the BWI. The club lounge food at BWI was excellent, they have a chef from Flying Fish who comes up and cooks on-site in the evening. We like these resorts for their access to EPCOT and DHS, and they’re quiet.


Grand Floridian offers the most food choices, as they serve a full lunch AND tea time AND dinner.

Yacht/Beach has the best dinner options in my opinion.

I’ve had access to club level at: Contemporary (best thing was the sparkling wine and macarons)
Boardwalk (they have sandwiches at lunch and dessert is good)
Yacht Club (best dinner offerings) Also, the beach club has the same offerings as Yacht club
Grand Floridian: which was overall a wonderful club lounge…didn’t want to go to the parks.

Have touring the lounge at AKL, and we haven’t stayed at the Poly or Wilderness to test those offerings.

However last fall we switched to staying Marriott and some of the M Club level offerings are AMAZING. Just depends on which property.

I go too much to warrant staying onsite unless it’s with friends who want to stay onsite.

Hope that helps!

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