Best Christmas Ever! Our surprise trip for the kids!

So here I am…sitting on my couch on my day off work counting down the hours, minutes, seconds until the big reveal. We had a good 3 months of saying nothing, not slipping up talking about being gone on Christmas, making plans in secret. But it’s all going to pay off when around dinner time tonight, we reveal to the kids that we are going back to Disney…TOMORROW MORNING!

The “who” on this trip is myself, my sister, her son (nephew) who is 20, my DS13, and my DD11. My husband…what a great guy, is staying home with our very old (and very needy) dog. He doesn’t mind staying home alone, I think he kind of enjoys it. He is not the fanatic of Disney that I am nor is he all about Christmas. To him, we can celebrate any day…like the Sunday after we get back. So it’s just going to be two 40 something women and their kids. What could be better than that?

We plan to give them each one box to unwrap tonight, telling them that this is their only Christmas present. Each box has two Disney Christmas shirts, Christmas ears for my daughter and Santa Yoda hat for my son, and a new magic band. From there, they have to figure it out…no clues! I expect some very blank stares of “Really, mom, this is all we get?”. I’m certain that one of them will get it immediately and the other will take a while. We will see if I’m right.

I hope I can keep up with this trip report. In Sept, when it was just my sister and I, I realized how unattached I am from my phone. I’m not one to think about it much. But I think my DS and nephew will help me with that…they can’t ever seem to put their phones down. Ha!

So the countdown begins before my kids jump for the moon and panic all at the same time. After all, I’m already mostly packed and their suitcases are still sitting empty in the basement. Until tomorrow morning, stay tuned…


How exciting!! Can’t wait to hear how the reveal goes!!

Sounds like such a fun surprise! Have a great trip!!

The reveal is over. My husband and I never quite realized how “chill” our kids are until last night. No jumping and screaming…just the “Really? You aren’t lying to us?”. They are excited, although a bit anxious about going somewhere in Covid times. But since my sis and I already did Disney post-Covid, we’ve been able to reassure them. My DD did have a bit of a panic attack when she realized she had to pack in one night. She usually starts a week in advance. But it seems like they are getting more excited by the hour.

Now, just to get the hard part over and get this plane ride over already. Alas, no plane yet.


Have fun with the reveal!

yay!!! I hope you guys had a super smooth flight!

Did one or both of them figure it out on their own? Or did you tell them?

One of them figured it out pretty quickly. She was also the one to panic the fastest! Ha!

We made it…what a view!


All the best to you. And don’t forget about the “Where in the World” thread… if you have time.


That bubble waffle looks delicious!!!

I would LOVE to be one of your kids right now! I bet y’all are having the best time. Looking forward to following along with your trip report.

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Made it to Animal Kingdom at right around 7 am. It was still DARK! But already in line for FOP. Passed some beautiful scenery along the way.

That last one is for you @OBNurseNH.

And how about these boys? I told them Yoda wasn’t a real animal, but then again, neither is a banshee.


Horrible tree pic before. Sorry!

Almost inside…


Wait. What are you saying?!?

Oh happy day! Enjoy my favorite place :smiley:

We kinda missed Santa coming out of Bugs Life…

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We don’t like dessert at all! Haha!