Best chances for getting BWV

Right now, we have booked in December SSR studio for 3 nights, and then 5 nights at SSR 1-bedroom.

If we can, I’d like to switch that SSR 1-bedroom for a 1-bedroom at BWV, but I have to wait until the 7 month mark.

As of right now, the days we want are still available…and, the two days before it are NOT. This gives me hope that someone won’t be able to walk a reservation. But this DOES mean that on May 7, I need to have the fastest finger if I have any chance in securing the Garden/Pool View 1 bedroom BWV reservation!

Since this will be the first time I’ll be attempting this, what should I do to give myself the best chances? My thought is that prior to 8:00, I’m logged in, and have already done the search for the room we want. Presuming it is still available, what then?

My biggest concern is any hiccups related to swapping the 1-bedroom SSR for the 1-bedroom BWV…will that slow me down too much?

Of course, if we can’t get it, that’s okay. We’re perfectly fine with SSR…but I still want to give myself the best chance for getting that BWV room, if at all possible.

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Do your best but be prepared to not get it.

I think you WILL be able to get something - but probably not all of your dates - in the days that follow as the walkers pass through :roll_eyes: (I despise walking)

And then set up a waitlist for any missing dates and stalk stalk stalkity stalk

And yes, keep something booked at SSR or even another resort you’d be interested in, just in case.

When I tried to book for September I had the same scenario as you in the few days leading up to my booking date. On my booking date there was nada. We booked at BLT. Then I was able to snag two nights at BWV at the end and we kept BLT to start. Then Riv popped up, as well as a room in a different category at BWV. So right now I have two nights at Riv, 1 night standard at BWV, and 2 nights garden at BWV. And I am stalking like mad to get that 1 night booked in the same category at Riv or BWV. I also have waitlists set up for that one night at each resort

I’m 90% certain I’ll get it by the time we travel.

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This is where I’m heartened (at least at the moment) because December 5 and 6, there is NO availability. This means no one could walk their way to a Dec. 7 date. They are blocked by no availability. BUT, it does mean that anyone who wants to walk anything for later in December could be there ready to snag that Dec. 7+ date.

Truthfully, I was expecting that there would be no availability at all at BWV during this time period…so the fact that there is at least means I get to TRY.

Yeah. I’m mentally okay with that. I just wish I knew what the process was going to look like so that I’m not stumbling over what I’m being asked when the time comes. (I didn’t have any pressure when I booked SSR originally!)

Have you ever modified a trip before?

It’s very easy to do. And if your desired accommodation comes up when you hit search, and you snag it, it’s yours. The points allocation question and what to use and where to return unused points and where to take additional points from comes up at the END of the transaction when it’s already yours

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Oh! That’s reassuring. I thought that was going to be the part that would make my chances close to nil!

Maybe I’ll try pretending to modify, and see what it looks like. I did modify my SSR studio from 2 nights to 3 nights…but I didn’t really pay attention enough to think about it in terms of modifying to a DIFFERENT resort altogether.


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You’re welcome.

Definitely give it a try walking through. Until you hit confirm you can play around in the system as much as you like to see what it will look like

Try modifying, if you can, to something that is going to require more points. Because I’m guessing that’s what you’re going to be doing by going from SSR to BWV.

Do you have multiple contracts or just the one?

Just one. Well, I sort of have two. If you recall the snafu where I wasn’t given all my points, so they had to give me my missing points via another contract. So, after this UY, I’ll only have a single contract going forward.

Yes…it will take more points. I think it is like 3 additional points over what I have booked at SSR. I’ll have to borrow those additional 3 points.

Single contract will be less confusing for you, so that’s good.
With multiple ones you have to tell it which contract to pull from first and then which to pull from subsequently. So yours will be straightforward. :slight_smile:

If you don’t get it, set up a waitlist for it.

I certainly will! :slight_smile:

So, I just “practiced” on my phone. I went and did “View/Modify” for my SSR reservation, and then from there, I did a search on the same dates, but added BWV in.

The results showed full availability for the same dates. I clicked the little down arrow so that it showed the details, plus a “Continue” button. Now, if i click the “Continue” button it tells me the reservation is outside my 7 month window. Fine.

But my question is…do I wait on that screen with the “Continue” button until precisely 8:00…OR, do I need to go back a step and perform the search at precisely 8:00? I’m nervous that if I get to the “Continue” button and wait, that somehow it already knows I don’t qualify for the 7 month window and at 8:00 when I hit “Continue” it will still think it is outside the 7 month window.

I would do this

Okay. Thanks.

I decided, then, I’ll use my workstation computer. I have a vertical monitor, so I can have my browser screen expanded so tall that I don’t have to waste any time scrolling. Just search, click arrow, click Continue. Plus, I verified that my computer is almost EXACTLY in sync with actual time, AND this computer is directly connected to ethernet, so no Wifi delays (not that I really have any…but I feel as though every nanosecond matters).

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And again, don’t put too much pressure on that actual day. If you don’t get it, waitlist and stalk. You’re far enough out that the chances are good you’ll end up with what you want by the time you travel.

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So how did this turn out??? I love 7 month anecdotes.

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We had hoped to get Dec. 7 to 12, but the 7th was unavailable. At exactly 8:00 Sunday morning I managed to secure 4 nights (8th to 12th) at BW 1 bedroom Garden/Pool view!

I then changed our previous studio SSR stay from 3 nights to four, but we switched to a 1 bedroom preferred instead.

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Not too bad! Those are pretty much the exact dates we went last year and I loved it.

Agreed. That’s when we went in 2020 for our 25th Anniversary.

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