Best Buildings - Value and Moderate Resorts

And we’re back! A few weeks ago I posted the top 4 (and bottom 4) buildings across all WDW resorts, based on overall satisfaction. A reader pointed out that it wasn’t really fair that all of the top 4 were deluxe/DVC, and it would be helpful to know the best option at each resort to guide room requests no matter where they were staying. Point taken :slight_smile:

So on Wednesday I’ll be posting the “best” buildings at each Value and Moderate resort. Any guesses for what we might see? I’ll go ahead and say that there was one Value and one Moderate where I was pretty surprised by the results.

Do any of you have favorite buildings or sections at any Value and Moderate resorts? If so, why? I’d love to include some of your commentary in the post, if you’re willing.


I would be cognizant of best buildings within ranges of room types.

For example my upcoming trip is at AoA but not in a family suite, so that leaves me with only Little Mermaid buildings as an option. We know that the “best” buildings for all of AoA are most definitely NOT in the Little Mermaid section, but if you are looking for a standard AoA room then what is the best building?


Is the GDT too obvious?

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You would think so … (but that was one of the surprises)

Building 4 at POFQ is perfect - close to absolutely everything and even the rooms that face the car park have landscaping between you and it. And it’s quiet even though it’s so close to the bus stop. We got a pixie dust upgrade to river view in building 6 there on our last trip, we were maybe 30 seconds further away from the bus stop and food court, but we had the most stunning view imaginable. But actually some of the river view rooms in that building don’t have a pretty view at all, so I’ll stick with building 4 and walk over occasionally to look at my view.


Oooh, I’ll be interested to hear best building for CBR - I’ve read some things before but wondering if they’ve changed with the addition of the Riviera. It seems to me that 52/53 are pretty good - fairly close to the skyliner, not too far from the bridge over to the main pool, and you could skip over to the Riviera to catch a bus and bypass all the CBR stops, but I’ve never stayed there before and would love some actually informed opinions.

I like building 85 at POR but I doubt that would make it.

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I totally agree with @missoverexcited about Building 4 at POFQ. We’ve chosen that one, and got it, a couple times in recent trips.

At Pop, I like Building 1 in 50’s. It’s close to the parking lot (we drive sometimes) and is centrally located for bus, Skyliner, front desk, etc and rooms ending in 1-12 are not noisy from a pool yet face the main courtyard areas. But watch out for rooms 1-12 on the ground floor because they’re near the smoking area. It has both preferred and standard rooms. Building 10 in the 70’s would is similar, maybe a bit closer to buses and further from the parking lot.

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Agreed. We were in Building 3, standard room, first floor right in front of the pool and it really was the perfect spot. We had a car but used the buses most of the time (pre-Skyliner) and we were a very short walk to the car, bus, or main building. (and the pool wasn’t busy at all in mid-July…so no noise issues!)

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It has been 5 years, but we enjoyed building 6 at AOA (Lion King family suite) the couple times we stayed there. Not too long of a walk to anything, but with good views and far enough that you did not hear the pool noise.

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I’d guess at Pop any of the two buildings in the 60’s since they are close to both skyliner, classic hall, and buses.

I haven’t been to any of the Values and have only stayed at POFQ of the moderates, but I’m going to guess that the favorite buildings will be close to the lobby / quick service / transportation. Not sure if you are looking at the Fort Wilderness Cabins, but I assume the handful of cabins closest to the ferry have the highest satisfaction.

I think that’s a tricky question. Some people would want to be close to transportation, some close to the main hub. I’m excited to see results!

Answers are live!


Interesting! If I was guaranteed the same room in building 6 at POFQ I would choose that every time. I thought building 4 would beat it though. It really was a great upgrade!

I haven’t stayed at any other resort but I’m taking notes in case.


Wow! I have stayed in Parterre Place at least 8 times (starting before the Royal Rooms were opened). I love that building but I never would think anyone would ask for it.

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We love Alligator Bayou and requested it every time we stayed at POR, we only didn’t get it once and to be completely honest …I really didn’t like Magnolia Bend at all.:frowning: The theming just doesn’t speak to me at all (too much like a generic hotel room). I guess I just prefer the lushness of the AB area paired w/ the more rustic decor.

Looks like I was mostly right!

Except Pop Century … I can’t figure this out. Is it just the theming?

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Yeah, I don’t get that at all. We really loved our stay in building 3 (first floor basically right were it says “3472”). We could quickly walk to the main building, buses, or cut in front of building 2 to get to parking.

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That is weird because we stayed in building 5 right next to the skyliner and close to food court and it was perfect

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