Best building at Polynesian with kids

Staying at Polynesian in November for 9 nights. First time to Disney. Any building recommendations?

Standard view? I like Aotearoa, 3rd floor facing the monorail. It is very quiet!

The building I’m not in. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

We like Tuvalu and Fiji. Pretty close to beach, pool, main building and boat dock.

We stayed raratonga…just next to GH and very close to volcano pool. I’d stay there again.

We stayed in Samoa in August. We used TP room fax and got exactly what we wanted. We had a ground level room that faced the pool. We could pull our chairs a couple of feet into the grass and watch fireworks, a few steps away from beach and a short walk to the GCH. Here is my daughter waiting out the rain to go swimming, hope this helps!