Best beach for a day trip

My family and I will be visiting the world in 22 days! We will be there for 10 days and want to make a day trip to the beach. I would like to be on the gulf side. We were thinking of St. Petes or Clearwater. Are these the best choices or is there somewhere else I should consider?

I haven’t been, but New Smyrna Beach has a lot of fans here.

Clearwater Beach, just in front of the Palm Pavilion. About as great a spot as you can ask for.

They are both nice, but of the two I would choose Clearwater. We had a horrible experience with Cocoa beach, which was disappointing. It was very littered and dirty. NASA is neat, of course, but the beach not so much. Clearwater is a beautiful beach, where my family used to spend vacations. I would go back there in a heartbeat. There is also an awesome aquarium that does discovery boat rides.