Best Bar to watch hockey game?

I’ll be in the world to take my son down for Disney College Program and there are 2 good Ranger games I’d like to see but since it’s not local not sure where I could watch. Ranger/Caps on 1/9 and Rangers/ Bruins on 1/11. Any ideas? I’ll be at Saratoga Springs but can go any where onsite that’s good. Thanks


Yep or Turf Club lounge at Saratoga.

Maybe ESPN Club on the Boardwalk? Go Rangers!

I’ll overlook the part about “good Ranger games”, since I don’t think that’s possible, but I’m glad to hear from a hockey fan.

If you’re in the Epcot area during one of the games, then I’ve seen games at the ESPN Club. You’ll at least be surrounded by other sports fans there. Some of the lounges also have televisions and will probably put the game on for you if no one else has requested something else, but you can’t be sure of that.

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Thanks! Part of me wants to go to Splitsville since I’ll be in SSR anyway and I’ve heard great things; I’m just afraid I’ll get there and won’t be able to watch. It’ll be NFL playoffs by then so not MNF right? If I try ESPN best bet is bus to Studios and walk? or Uber?

It is about a 15 minute walk from the studios. I would save the uber for later.