Best Bang For Renting Your Points?

What is the best way to get the most money for renting 150 points? Should I try for a dedicated reservation during a popular time and sell it on some resale site? I will have 150 Saratoga points that expire February 29, 2024.


I think the least risky way (like the money will be gaurunteed and you don"t risk no one renting your dedicated rental) is to go through a brokernlike DVC rental store. Their owner"s portal is very easy to use!


I agree with @heathernoel. You can probably find a private buyer and get more money per point, but in my mind it’s not worth the risk. Even if you personally know the buyer, that’s worse in some ways because some people are even more likely to take advantage of friends and family!

So I would go with the safe, secure route and go with a broker like DVC Rental Store or David’s. Compare their terms and see which one appeals to you more. There are usually trade-offs, like more $ per point but you take on more risk if the renter doesn’t go through with the rental.

Good luck!


It looks like Davids is better deal. $16 Vs DVC rental store $12 a point.


I think the difference is due to some sort of insurance from DVC rental store, but I’ve only used them as a customer before, not an owner, so I’m not sure.

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I just want to point out there is no guarantee a reservation will rent out. That’s why @JJT ‘s blog and Cava thread is so interesting and worthwhile, like watching reservations still not rented out with just days to go.

It seems Rental Store is pushing most owners to renting out points this way but is paying them less as a result whilst taking a bigger cut themselves.


I’ve been trying to figure out why the rental store is pushing this. It seems way riskier for the owner. Watching @JJT thread cinfirms this. I would rather know someone wants a specific date and then rent doe them. So maybe David’s is the way to go.

I just remebered that Dreams Unlimited Travel now works with DVC Store, but only by booking the dedicated rentals. Maybe that isnehy they are pushing this? Pete worked out that deal so they could talk about the full range of point renting options…