Best bag in the park (when you have a DH and a 2yo)?

Hi all! Looking for recs of the best bag for a park. Was planning on an older backpack, but it just has 2 giant pockets in it, and I envision digging through the cavernous bag all the time. Something with a bunch of packets or compartments. DD2 will still be in diapers. So will need somethig for all of that plus a separate compartment for snacks, sunscreen, phone, $$, and all that extra fun park stuff. Maybe something with some insulated pouches to keep drinks cool. Maybe a backpack diaper bag? Anyone have something like this they love? that isn’t 50 pounds?!? OK i’m asking too much now. :smile:

I have found that a small crossbody with compartments and a separate backpack works best for me. I like to keep cash, phone, chapstick, etc in my vera mini hipster and then keep sunscreen, ponchos, etc in my matching vera backpack. I leave the backpack in the bottom of the stroller when riding and keep the mini hipster on me at all times. I actually keep a carabiner on the stroller and the backpack hangs there a lot. Keeps me travelling light!

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My go-to bag for vacations is a small insulated backpack. It has a couple of small pouches on the side and a larger pouch on the back, but to keep things organized I will put “like” items in plastic shopping bags before putting them in the pack (sunscreen and bug spray in one bag, lunch in another, snacks in a third, etc.).

I have found a crossbody with a punch of pockets inside works best, you can walk and slide it around you to get something out at the same time :wink: backpacks are good but I hate taking them off and on!

I prefer a crossbody with pockets too. It’s cooler for me than wearing a backpack and I like that it feels more secure than having the bag be accessible to everyone except the wearer. I also have a tote bag I leave in the basket of my stroller with things that I don’t care about going missing (i.e. extra diapers, snacks, water bottles, ponchos.) Then the bag I wear only has the things I need most secure - camera, phone, 1-2 diapers, wipes, etc.

I have tried various things(small back pack, cross body, and even a fanny pack in '05); I recently purchased a convertible cross body/back pack from thirty one that has many compartments. I have taken it on trial runs to the zoo and local amusement parks and so far so good. This could easily fit a diaper, a small pack of wipes and container of snacks plus your personal needs. I think no matter what you are going to have to pack a separate bag for diapers for the bottom of your stroller.

We do the cross body and backpack combo, though some days we are able to ditch one or the other depending on our plans. Just got the backpack for this trip, so can’t say how amazing it is yet, but I am looking forward to trying it.

Here is the cross body I use, which I love, despite the side mesh pocket having failed in a very short time:

Here is the backpack we are trying - it’s super light, very versatile. The price, however, appears to have doubled!

Here’s a link for you - I love this bag! (hope the link works) :blush: Mountain Equipment Co-op Bags

I am going to try the 31 Sling Back Bag! I’ve read great reviews!