Best and worse - WDW TS restaurants

What is you favourite 1 TS WDW restaurant? what is your least favourite?

Favorite TS for me is Flying Fish. I've only had the pleasure once, but it was one of my favorite meals ever, not just at WDW.

Least favorite is hard. There are spots that I have been unimpressed with that I am not eager to go back to, some of which are very popular spots (Cali Grill, Le Cel.) Mostly, those turned out disappointing because I had such high expectations. I expected five star, but ended up with what felt like a busy chain level of service at both spots - with decent food that was not quite good enough to justify the price tag. Of all spots, on food quality alone, I would probably say Les Chefs, but our service was good and there were a few good items.

I rarely see Citricos at GF mentioned here and we love it (food, variety, service, ambiance, view, large resturant so ADR's usually available).
Sorry if the question was regarding 1 credit TS resturants only. Citricos is a Signature so believe it would be 2 credits.
I'm looking forward to trying Narcooses and Yachtsmans next trip so I hope someone has good things to say about those.

I think my favorite in-park TS meal was Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch. My favorite out-of-park TS meal was Raglan Road.

My least favorite TS meal was Be Our Guest dinner. There's wasn't anything particularly bad about it. We just didn't enjoy that evening very much.

The favorite TS are Rose and Crown and Kona for dinner, mostly because all of us (DH, myself, DD21, DD12) found something we really liked. DD21 will admit she has the pallet of a 5 y/o so other TS that we liked (such as Boma), she didn't, which is very odd considering she ate deep fried guinea pig in Ecuador.

Our least favorites, by all family members, was 50s Prime Time. The food wasn't bad, but nothing special and the interaction just wasn't our thing.

For the record, I suppose we've been very lucky because we've never had terrible food or terrible service at WDW. Lackluster food, mediocre service: once or twice.

Our favorite TS restaurant was Narcoossee's and our least favorite was Ohana. We must have hit Ohana on a bad night because the food was mediocre at best.

We loved Liberty Tree Tavern way more than I ever expected. Steak was awesome.

Of our meals last week, it's a close tie for least favorite between Crystal Palace and chefs de France dinner. I was not well after Crystal Palace but chefs de France desserts were awful.

@kellymouse5 did you get a good view of wishes while at Narcoosees?!...hope so wink

We had a great table right by the window but we had an early ADR. pensive But we ended up heading back to the CR and watched Wishes from the Atrium CL lounge which was fun. Have you watched Wishes from Narcoossee's? I wonder if I should add that to my "wish list." smile

I haven't watched it from there yet but I was told by the CM's there it's entirely possible and a great view. They even have a patio facing the way of MK so if you don't have a view just go outside for a bit. We have a 7:25 ADR in Nov😃 I'll report back! I also have an ADR to follow at Cali Grill for dessert during the 10:00 wishes. Last year in early Nov they had fireworks at 8:00 & 10:00 (if memory serves 😏). I'd go for it if I were you!!

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That sounds lovely! Enjoy!!!

My favourite in park TS was crystal palace for breakfast. I wasn't expecting much from the food, but it was pretty good (pooh's puffed French toast and strawberry sauce - lovely stuff) and the characters (and their handlers) were great. The service was great too - really friendly.

Favourite out of park was Boma - great food, friendly service, plus AKL is a lovely resort to visit.

Least favourite was Hollywood Brown Derby - it was probably a mistake to go to a signature with my little dude, but in my defence it was lunchtime and we were in there for over 2 hours - I would have expected that in the evening, but think that is a crazy amount of time to take to serve lunch (only had mains and dessert, no appetisers). Food was just ok.

The question was 1 Table Service restaurant regardless of the credits - which I guess may be considered unfair so you can state one of each if you feel like!

Favorite TS - Jiko and 50s; Rose n Crown if you get waterside viewing for Illuminations;
Least Fave TS - San Angel, T Rex; Coral Reef; Chef Mickey

Granted, haven't been to any of those least faves in years - but each of them we tried at least twice. With infrequent visits, you hate to take a chance with a place that has disappointed you before.

Had one or two so-so meals at 50s, but when you get the right CM, it is our most memorable meal.

Least favorite was probably Hollywood Brown Derby

Favorite - 1900 park fair I think has been my favorite, followed by crystal palace

Favorite is CG; the food, service, and view are all top of the line. Bottom of my list is The Wave; meh food, the worst service I've ever had at WDW, and what is probably the ugliest restaurant in the World (the bar, however, is very cool and makes a very good drink). I have to add that V&A was the "finest" meal and best service of anywhere I've ever been - but to me "favorite" implies a place I will go back to again and again, ad the cost of V&A makes that pretty prohibitive...

We like the atmosphere at Sci Fi, but just expect burger and fries. Crystal Palace breakfast and lunch have been fun and a buffet allows for picky eaters to find yummy stuff. As for didn't like...I'm lucky that I haven't hit that one yet. We do a lot of signature, so we're a little spoiled when it comes to dinning.

Favorite all time at Disney, actually one of faves anywhere else for that matter, is Artist Point. Was a while ago, so probably different chefs now, but head chef came out and created special multi course veg/partly vegan multi course meal for me that was out of this world.

Least is Liberty Tree Tavern (should I be ducking?) haha. I know, it gets lots of love here. Maybe was not for me since I'm a vegetarian.

If I had answered this last week, my answer would have been different (and probably a toss-up between Jiko and bluezoo) -- but right now, favorite TS meal is Ravello's character breakfast.

Least favorite is Les Chefs de France. The food is okay, but the service both times we've been has been abysmal.

After this last trip, Artist Point moved to the top of my list, but I haven't eaten at most of the signature's in a very long time. Le Cellier was decent enough, and on par with Ruth's Chris, but there are plenty of better chain steak houses than that. I haven't had too many bad meals, but a few mediocre ones around. you'll probably never catch me at any of the Italian places, (I am willing to give Via Napoli and Tutto Italia a try) but growing up in an Italian restaurant and having the family run a high end pizza chain, I can get a bit picky.