Best age for BBB

Hey! I think DD3.5 may still be a little young, but I’m getting excited to one day do BBB with her. It would probably be a one-time deal, so I’m curious as to what you think the best age would be. :slight_smile:

Also, what do you think about the somewhat-comparable experiences of Pirate’s League and the Barber Shop? I’m thinking we may just do the “pixie dust” at the Barber Shop this year (or get first time haircuts for her and DS1.5) as something fun. Any firsthand experiences with kids this age?


No experience with those particular experiences but I know we did a lot of things with my son at that age that he has little to no memory of now (he’s 5.5) I’d wait a couple years at least.

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We are doing this for the first time in August. DD will be 7. She was always too shy to do it, but says she wants to this time! I’m happy about that, as she probably will not be interested next time.

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Ha! Good point!

Have so much fun!!I

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I agree . Based on my dd I would say age 6 would be the optimal age if only doing it once

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my DD did it last spring when she was just about 4.5 and will do it again this fall and she will 5yrs10months. it was her favorite memory of our trip last year.

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My DD7 (who will be 8 when our next trip comes up) took a pass in April, wants to give BBB a go next time (May 2016). Is 8 a little old for BBB?

We’re taking our 8-year-old (and close to 9 by the time we go), but she’s autistic, so developmentally (from a social standpoint), she’s closer to 6-7 in effective age. Bringing her own dress, so size won’t be an issue.

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We got our DD first hair cut at the barber shop last year! She was 1.5. We had a woman, Diane, she was amazing! And for the first haircut package I think it was only $20 which was WELL worth it.

No I don’t think so. I know a few adults who are gutted they can’t do it!

I just did both expirences with my 5 year old and she just basked in glory during them both. The BBB was packed at MK, with little wiggle room inside the boutique itself. Plus it was loud and there was not a lot of space for us Moms to stand and watch or take photos… but my daughter didnt care, she felt so special! Pirates League was very spacious and less packed, plus parents can get he makeovers with the kids (I did). They also do more of a themed “show” for the kids to make them feel like a pirate or a mermaid. Pirates is half the cost as well. BUT, pirates has more “make up” that melts off in the sun easily. So there are pros and cons in both places.

If you haven’t already gone, I caution you with your expectations. Took our daughter to MK for 1st time at age 7. She was all about princesses. Thought I was giving her a real treat with BBB. Problem 1: They didn’t have Belle’s dress in her size. She had to settle for Aurora. Problem 2: She wanted her hair long and flowing like Aurora…They only do one hairstyle at BBB. Problem 3: She had to take shoes that were not her size, and were uncomfortable. Problem 4: Her stylist barely spoke English, and she could not understand her. Finally, Problem 6: She was mad and pouty the whole time because her 9-year old brother got to have popcorn and ride fun rides while she was “stuck” in the chair. (LOL) We all laugh about this now that she is 13, and it is a funny memory. She wishes she could go back to her “princess” days now and have a “do-over” at BBB. Young kids just sometimes don’t understand…Good luck! Hope you have a good experience!

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They do allow you to choose from multiple hair styles now. :slight_smile: Likely, they had several people have the same wish as your daughter to not have just one style to choose from. My DD5 had an great experience there in November.