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Hi Everyone,
I’m looking at booking a trip for me (19), my sister (23) and my two best friends (19) for next year. We are all students so are really tight on funds so it needs to be as cheap as Disney can get really. My question is when would be better to go: early June or Late August into September? June is looking a little cheaper but August has the advantage of being quieter and we can go to MNSSHP which none of us have ever been too. Also, we are looking at where to stay and are thinking that the Disney Springs hotels offer the best prices and benefits at the moment - any thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance

I think the days around Labor Day have the lowest crowds and therefore best prices. MVT(Magical Vacations travel) usually has fantastic prices around labor day.

Why don’t I have a child like you? Can I adopt you? My student ‘children’ won’t plan for tomorrow. …maybe not even for tonight!:wink:


If you really want cheap, stay off site. You can rent a condo with full kitchten, etc., much more cheaply than staying on property. Obviously, you lose some of the on-property advantages…but you will save a ton. Particularly if you eat breakfast/dinner in the condo, etc.

But if by “cheap” you really mean, “modestly expensive”…that a horse of a different color!

Going around/immediately after Labor day is a great time to go…but that might conflict with school class schedules more. Have you considered mid-May? Week following Mother’s day? Usually classes are out by then.

I would recommend July. I went in July of 2017 during 4th of July week and the parks did not feel crowded at all. I have heard July is becoming a slow time. The heat wasn’t that bad either in my opinion.

I’d vote for second and third week of September if at all possible for you. There are no crowds at all!!

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Shhhh​:speak_no_evil: that is when I am going. :wink:

whispering should I tell them that the week of Thanksgiving is fine then?

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Can I whisper, too? Whispering is my favorite!


We would do that but none of us are really willing to drive as we all either haven’t been driving long or don’t drive haha!

We went in July this year and it was pretty good but it is really expensive I’ve found

I think we are gonna go on the 28th August for two weeks so until the 11th September - we can’t leave it later than that because we all go back to uni at the end of September but hopefully we’ll still get the quiet at the end of the holidays

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Lots of offsite places have nice shuttles to help you save on parking!!!

I think it’s perfect! Check out offsite with shuttles… I’m sure you’ll save a bundle!

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MNSSHP and “cheap as possible” do not belong in the same paragraph, let alone the same sentence. Based on weather, June will be more tolerable than August or September. But you’re young and can probably handle the heat better than I can. The crowds are traditionally lower during late August and September, so if you don’t think the heat will be a major issue, these would be your better choice.

I looked into the DS hotels for early June 2019, and I was surprised at how pricey they were. It was more expensive to stay at the B Resort & Spa than at Port Orleans Riverside (POR), a moderate on-site WDW resort, and the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace was virtually the same price as POR. Some DS hotels are less expensive than others, but the less expensive ones didn’t have great reviews when I looked. When comparing prices, don’t forget internet fees and the resort fee. And if you stay at a DS hotel you don’t have access to the Magical Express, so you’ll have to pay to get to/from the airport yourself. Also, my understanding is that the DS shuttles aren’t as good as the WDW buses in terms of frequency, number of shuttles, and operating hours.

If you’re looking for the least expensive options that have on-site benefits (and you aren’t interested in camping), check out the All Star resorts. Pop is also inexpensive and a bit nicer than the All Stars. It’s been refurbished recently. I’d also look into agency exclusive deals offered by Magical Vacations Travel and Pixie Dust and Pirate Hooks.

When comparing June and Aug/Sept, one thing to consider is the weather, both the heat and the likelihood of hurricanes. I’d go in June to reduce the risk of having to cancel the trip due to a hurricane. That’s just me.

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thought the same thing

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Check park hours and scheduled attraction refurbishments

Mnsshp on Sunday night in sept was like walk on all rides. Mnsshp in oct…regular lines like 45 min 7d. I’d go.with mvt labor day sale should coordinate with mnsshp dates- or 2nd or 3rd week sept