Best 2 bedroom villas at OKW to stay in with kids 4 and 6?

Looking for help and ideas from those who have stayed in a 2 bedroom villa at OKW. Looking for a re-furbished unit close to main pool and transportation. Any suggestions from recent visitors? I will be traveling in the fall.

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We have stayed at OKW twice. The first time we stayed in the Hospitality House Area (HH). I think it is only available for reservations made with points. If you can’t get into HH, I would request Peninsular Road, buildings 23-26 or Miller Road, buildings 15-16 or 62-64. Not sure of the views but closest to HH. Downside to HH is that parking can be tight. Guests from the other areas of OKW drive up to use the pool or grab a meal. The laundry facilities were always in use during the day but if you have 2BR unit you will have a washer and dryer in your villa.

The second time we stayed on Turtle Pond Road and we loved it. It is quieter and more relaxed than HH. The pool was much less crowded. There was grill area there. The pool hours said that the Turtle Pond pool closed at midnight but one of the other guests told us the staff told him it was open 24 hours. We swam at in the wee hours of the morning and the security guard passed by us several times and never told us otherwise. He even stopped to chat one time. This was in 2015 so things may have changed. The downside is that if you want to grab some food or catch the boat to DS, you had to take the bus or drive to HH. There is a snack bar at the Turtle Pond pool but it was only open during the day and the selection was limited.

Here area some other tips that are not specifically related to the different areas in OKW. The buses loop through the different areas. The first stop in Peninsular Rd and the last stop is HH. If you are staying at HH, you can get off at Penisular Rd bus stop and walk back to HH much quicker than staying on the bus. QS dining at OKW is extremely limited. Good’s Food to Go is the only option and the selection there is not that great. If you have a refillable mug and are not staying at HH, you won’t get much use out of it.