Besides the TP Fax Request

Is there anything else I should do to help the possibility or likelihood of all three of our travel parties being close to one another at the All Star Music?

Phone and have it noted on all three reservations, as a “travelling with #1234567 and #2345678”.

And make it your only request.


As above, and also make sure that you make a TP request for each reservation, noting the confirmation numbers of the other reservations.


OK. I will have the others make requests as well. Thank you…

No one else has TP except for me. :frowning:

Just note them all on your fax request - put the other confirmation numbers in the free text box and mention that you’ve already called and it should be noted.

As @Nickysyme said, make it your only request to be near to each other. Otherwise you’re making it really tough for the room assigners.

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That should not matter - you should be able to make requests for each reservation through your TP account. All you need are the pertinent reservation details to enter in your dashboard.

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So you’re saying to put separate trips for the same dates on your dashboard? I do that for Universal because we do both in the same trip, but I wouldn’t have thought to do it with 2 WDW trips.

Yep - it’s the only way I know to manage two hotel reservations for the same vacation.

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That makes sense…thank you!