Benefits to declaring a "special event" on reservation

On our Contemporary resort reservation, I noticed there was a place to specify a special event…in our case, our wedding anniversary. So I filled it out. (I don’t have a way to do the same for our DVC rental.)

Anyhow, I was curious what Disney actually does with this information. (I know nothing is guaranteed.) Has anyone received any particular pixie dust as a result of providing this info?

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I’ve done this in the past and found it was placed in our reservation notes and mentioned at check in. It also seemed to follow us on a dining reservation but a manager mentioned it can be missed at restaurants. Basically she said still wear the celebrating pin too. My brother and sister in law got a nice treat in their room for their honeymoon.

My anniversary WDW trip was a 1st anniversary (not 25th) so not as special as yours. Like you, we did 1 night at the Contemporary for our anniversary night. You each get a “celebration” pin and some CM’s will wish you a happy anniversary.

I suspect there are a few lucky guests celebrating a special occasion who a CM decides to give a little pixie dust, but there are so many special celebrations that bring guests to WDW that WDW couldn’t possible do something special for most of those celebrating.

We got some things in our room for our honeymoon, but that was in 2007. My kids birthdays were on our reservations in 2016, but there was nothing special at the hotel. You can add it to your reservation and if pixie dust happens, then good for you! If not, you are still in Disney World and having a great time.

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My DH celebrated his 40th and we got nothing. We didn’t even get the birthday pin. I had to say something at his birthday lunch at Sci-fi at check-in and he did get a free dessert in addition to what’s included with DDP with a candle.

When we have done this - and we only do it legitimately - we have gotten “the best table” and usually some congratulatory recognition of one kinks or another

They sell it to marketing firms to send you directed advertising.



We celebrated an anniversary a number of years ago and were upgraded to a theme park view room at GF. We also received champagne at V&A and at CG. And complimentary dessert at CG and Citricos (and they were nice desserts–not cupcakes).

We’ve also had special birthday treatment. We celebrated the girls 13th birthday and came back to the room one day to find balloons, candy and a card signed by the Fab 5 (a set for each girl–they are twins).

So bottom line–definitely worth noting. There’s not a guarantee it will be recognized but it might.

You can always ask for the pin. Or get one yourself - I know MK has them where you can get it yourself.

We ended up getting them on our last day!

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I was celebrating my new degree and Aneira was celebrating her birthday. They gave us pins when we checked in. Aneira got the most pixie dust. If we were together, she got noticed but not me. She got extra little things like fast passes, special cups at TS restaurants, pins, etc.

When I was not with her, I did get some pixie dust a couple of times: fast passes once and no charge for a package mailed to the resort.

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We stayed at Wilderness Lodge for my 40th birthday, and I wrote that on the reservation. They gave me a birthday pin, and I got the exact room I asked for via the room request tool. I have no idea if the room selection had anything to do with the birthday.

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I mentioned we were celebrating my mom’s birthday as we checked in to California Grill last Saturday. They gave us a table with a fantastic view, and had a little sparkle on the table at her place as well as a slice of birthday cake with dessert.


We celebrated our anniversary while staying at Bay Lake Tower 18 months ago & mentioned in on our online check in. We came to a huge white chocolate monorail, various fancy chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries. It was gorgeous and greatly appreciated pixie dust.
But last year while celebrating our 2 daughter’s both finishing grad school, no mention. Guess it depends on the occasion and day.

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When making ADRs, is there an option to indicate a special event (50th Birthday)?

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You have to call.

Normally i’m on board with this, but our May trip was over our anniversary- and i fully intend on wearing my Happy Anniversary button during our November reschedule. A little consolation for missing our May 4th anniversary celebration at Galaxy’s Edge.

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I may have noted on my room request fax (yes, even that is updated) that this trip was derailed by covid-19 and I would love if they would help to make it worth the wait :wink:

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I put that we were celebrating my son’s birthday on our room request and that somehow got put into our overall profile, and a lot of cast members wished him happy birthday when he tapped into fast passes.

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