Benefits of Online Check-In

We have never used Online Check-In. Other than making the process faster at the resort upon arrival, what are the benefits? I must be lucky…and knock on wood…because we’ve never had an issue with long lines at front desk upon check-in.

Wondered the same thing myself. I guess that if you get their during rush hour, it might save you time? We always check-in late after touring: go from the airport straight to a park. Never a wait at midnight. :wink:

If you take DME they usually meet you at the bus and give you your welcome package. You can also make certain requests during online check in. It does not exclude you from upgrades. I was upgraded to CL at BC after doing online check in.


If I am not mistaken @pirategirl007 had once said it gives you a better chance of getting the options that you want.

Maybe I’ve been lucky but I have always gotten my requests and rarely bother w on-line check-in

I read on chat at one point that the resort staff match all the online check-ins they’ve received in a batch a few days in advance. I can’t remember exactly how many days, unfortunately. Then the remaining reservations are matched with rooms as they come in, both online the last couple of days and then as people arrive day-of. It seems like this process would give you a greater chance of getting a specific request met using online check-in.

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I saw something for on line check in but now can’t find. Is it only on the app on a PC or phone? @pirategirl007 do you know how many days?

you can do online check in starting at 60 days. either thru my disney experience or

I am staying using my military discount (yea) I did on-line check in. Will I still have to stop at the desk and show my id? It’s not like I haven’t used it before.

Thank you for your service!!! Have a great trip.

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Thank you for your service. Are you taking DME? Usually they would meet you at the bus and check you in right there. You will need to either do that or stop at the desk.

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We just got back from WL. Did online check-in a day or so early. Arrived via DME last Saturday morning before 11am.

Nobody met us at DME (not a big deal - short walk to the lobby).

The possible benefits seemed to be 1.) we got exactly the room request we wanted (upper floor, west wing), and 2.) our room was ready at 11. We were thinking we’d have to check our luggage with the valet, but it was awesome to be able to get in right away.

I’m not sure if these were explicit early check-in benefits, but it’s possible.