Belle Attempts to Take Her Dad and Kids to WDW, Take 3

HELLO ALL I AM BACK. I don’t have to teach again until Wednesday (it’s just one class, but it’s M/W/F, and I’ve never done this before, so each class feels like a roller coaster) so I am sneaking in some planning time.

Background: my dad asked me to plan a Disney trip for him (71), me (40), and my daughters (10 and 7). Then I had to change the dates but got as far as putting in FPPs. Then my dad had a health scare–he is fine, thank goodness, but he basically spent the month of May getting invasive tests–and I got the job, and we thought about moving the trip up but ended up postponing it indefinitely. Thank goodness for cancellation-fee-free reservations.

So our original plan was to wait until fall to go, even though that came with its own issues, namely running into the SWGE crowds (although DD10 is a HUGE SW fan). But now it looks like we have a two-week open space between the end of my summer semester and the beginning of my kids’ school year, last two weeks of July. And, granted, I’ve got to spend some of that window grading papers, but that still leaves time for us to drive down to Orlando and back. (And as I noted in the other thread, “but Florida’s so hot in the summer!” loses its force when you’re in Atlanta to begin with.)

I just submitted a DVC points rental request to DVC Rental Store for a trip beginning July 24th. I may go ahead and reserve rooms at the Contemporary via UT anyway (my dad is going to insist on the monorail if we’re trying to do this in July/August, so we can get back to the rooms and take breaks).

We’ll see. I don’t know if it’s going to go through this time. I really want it to, though.


Today’s update: DVC didn’t have anything for me; I went ahead and got two Contemporary rooms so I could tell my dad I had two Contemporary rooms. Free cancellation is until July 18th so we are very much in we’ll-see mode.

It looks like we’ll still make Illuminations if we go in July. Maybe I should go ahead and make dining reservations. Hmmm.

What was that someone was saying about the planning itself being addictive?


Well, that was fun while it lasted.

My father has put the trip, or at least his participation in it, on indefinite hiatus again. He recently went to visit his sister in TX, and while he was there apparently got sick, which made him worry that his persistent heartburn is going to act up while he’s walking around Florida. It’s not a question of wait until cooler weather; he’s just skittish about a walking-intensive trip, period.

My husband, who like I mentioned is generally Disney-averse, is willing to jump in (I suspect SWGE is a plus, not a minus, for him) and try and convince my dad to go as well at some point, so it would be five of us, not four. The catch is that since we dropped our Ireland trip, he’s updated his work calendar so he can’t be off late July/early August. So I went ahead and cancelled the hotel reservation. :cry:

We’re now talking spring 2020… maybe.

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That’s sucks, I’m sorry.

(Reschedule a room and go anyway on your own :smiling_imp: )

Supportive heart, obviously.

I’m sorry this keeps getting derailed on you. I like @Randall1028’s thinking. Just freakin go!