Bell Service Damage at Disney Resorts

Hi all,

This is not a post I really wanted to write, but I feel like I have to at least vent.

My trip ended last night, 8 days / 7 nights, at the Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge, park hopper plus tix, and overall a really great time, until the very last minute.

With checkout time being 11am, we didn’t have to leave for the airport until around 7:30pm, so we left all of our bags with bell services.

I pull my rental car up to collect our bags, and bell services comes out with the cart. My backpack with my 15" macbook pro retina is on one of the hooks at the top. Right in front of us, (me, my wife and daughter), and another bell person, the cart leans a bit, and my backpack goes crashing to ground.

Not even a “sorry” from the bell person, just an embarrassed look… and I have to leave for the airport basically ASAP. I open my backpack and the entire chassis of my laptop is bent and separated, screen cracked, etc.

I obviously cant prove it happened in that fall, but in all honesty the thing was pristine until that moment.

Has anyone else experienced any significant damage to personal property at a Disney Resort? And if so, did you have any recourse?

I had my niece’s iPod touch disappear from her backpack (in a zipped pocket, along with some coloring books and a stuffed animal) while it was moved from one resort to the other during a split stay. I kind of got the run around, with each resort telling me it must have happened at the other resort. I know it was in there because she’d been using it that morning, and housekeeping hadn’t found it in the old room. Eventually my lost & found report just faded away.

This is a time I would send a series of emails. First, send the positives ones about Greta things on your trip. Then, send a detailed email: date, time and exactly what happened and that you did not even get a “I am sorry”.

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I’ve got to be honest, I don’t even know who I would write about this incident.

It’s very frustrating to say the least, and now almost a week out, it has really jaded my overall experience. As people have asked about our trip since I’ve been back, I don’t even want to talk about it because this is the thing that unfortunately has stuck with me the most.

I would email: They usually respond within a few days.

I did email them on Monday 7/23/2017. I got a generic response back the next day about my correspondence being reviewed and forwarded to another area in the company, along with a phone number.

Sadly I don’t really have any expectations, although I will probably call if I don’t hear anything by next week.

I’m so sorry that happened. Did you have Travel insurance? Or you can check with the credit card you used to book the trip, sometimes they have coverage for this type of thing as well. You might feel better if it gets paid for, even if not by Disney. Goodluck!