Beirgarten vs. Boma vs. 'Ohana

I have reservations for all 3, but only want one sit down meal and we will do quick for the rest. I was super excited about 'Ohana but after some really bad reviews I think I will be dropping that one. Which would you choose?? This is our second trip to Disney and I haven't tried any of them.

I would feel the same about 'Ohana. I think you're going to get a winner with either BG or Boma for dinner but they can both be fairly adventurous food choices depending on what you're used to eating. They both get rave reviews so I don't think you'll regret either one. Maybe depends on your party makeup, where you'll be on that day, and if you mind sitting with people that you don't know at the same table?


I'm sort of not on same question b/c I would try to go to both TS, Boma and Biergarten.

Reason being,

  1. we always have 1 ts per trip at EP, b/c it seems to me to be so much a part of the experience of that park. the restaurants there are so fun and interesting.

  2. Boma is so yummy, so many healthy and diverse choices, that we usually go each trip. We go at breakfast b/c seems to fit our touring schedule/budget better. And always wonderful to visit AKL. I think it's the most beautiful lobby at disney, plus animals to be seen.


I absolutely love Boma, and you get the added benefit of being able to spend some time seeing AKL if you aren't staying there.

That said, although the food at Biergarten is pretty good, the main reason I'd go there is for the show. You can't easily see the show without a meal, and it really is worth seeing. That said, how do you feel about sitting at tables with other people? I know there's some folks who absolutely hate the idea of sharing a long table, and so Biergarten is right off their list for that reason alone.

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If I had to choose, I'd choose Boma. It has a decent variety of choices, so I feel like both picky and adventurous eaters have plenty of great choices there. It's seriously good.


If I had to choose, I say go for Boma. Great mix of slightly more adventurous stuff, together with more familiar things. Lovely salads. Lovely desserts - I must have eaten at least ten zebra domes!

Biergarten is great too, but my family has come to the conclusion that with so many great snacks and QS options in Epcot, that it's not worth doing TS there.

Can you see the animals/savannah while you are in Boma?

Hands down Biergarten for me. I love German food, and the food at BG is very authentic. The reataurant is beautiful, and the music is great. Boma was OK, but after all of the hype on Lines, I have to say I was a bit let down. Very good soups and salads, but I found the entrees to be universally bland and uninteresting. The Zebra Domes are very tasty, but the rest of the desserts are run of the mill buffet offerings.

No view of animals from inside Boma; Sanaa in Kidani is the only restaurant with animal viewing.

thx bswan

Sorry, didn't mean to give impression of animal views at Boma. What I was thinking of were the animals that can be seen from the Lobby, or more precisely, there's a viewing area a few steps down from Lobby, think it's facing part of the Savannah. Maybe some other liner can chime in how likely to be animals there most of the time.

Excellent viewing area out the back of the main lobby called Arusha Rock. Open to everyone.

Dont think you can go wrong with any of them.