Being Late for an ADR

Does anyone have any experience in being late for ADR. We have reservations for Chef Mickey at 5:10PM. Our flight has since changed and we will not be getting in to MCO until 5:15PM now. I am thinking we could be there around 6:30pm by the time we get luggage, car and head to the Resort. We have called Disney Reservation line and they have said there is nothing they can do, and didn’t give us any advice either. Will we be charged a no show fee for being late? Will they even seat us? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

You can go into MDE on the browser not the app and “change” your ADR to a time and date in the future. Then cancel it later so that you won’t get charged the no show fee. But, they aren’t likely to seat you so late, and there could be additional delays, so making another ADR probably isn’t your best plan either. Where are you staying?

We are staying at the Contemporary…and I can’t change the dining reservation because there is no availability.

Did you try 180 days from now? I know there is no availability today, but you can change it to any day in the future. Then cancel with no penalty, because then it is more than 24 hours in advance.

I think Trails End at Fort Wilderness usually can accommodate walk ups, or maybe Kona at the Polynesian?

And since you are staying there, you could easily go plead your case to the host or hostess to see if they will seat you. You never know!

I had a lunch reservation at 50s PT. Due to a lost cell phone, I was over 2 hours late. I asked if there was any way they could work me in and the hostess said “You had a reservation, hon. We’ll get you in”. And they did - with only a 20 min wait. But I was a single, and it wasn’t a high CL day. As packed as CM typically is, I’m not sure you’s have the same luck as I did. But it’s certainly worth trying…

We usually open up our DIS vacation with a meal at Le Cellier - usually late lunch or early dinner. One year, Continental switched the flights on us last minute so we were late. Then we had some park ticket issues that took awhile at the Poly (we had booked a split stay all at the Poly to get a better deal & our park tickets were on the 2nd part of the stay) so we were 2-3 hours late for our meal. Now our meal was ~1PM and we got there around 3:30 or so which likely worked well as they’re less busy, but they got us in with no problems.

The Poly did call them to let them know to expect us late though. I’d suggest calling the Chef Mickey’s directly from the airport before you board & let them know “Our flight got changed by the airline, we’ll be late for our reservation, but we will be there as soon as we can.” I’d guess you’ll get lucky and they’ll be accommodating. You may have to wait, but they’ll probably squeeze you in…