Being at Disney when major movie releases - any special activities?

So my wife and I are planning a trip in November, and we will be at Disney the day the Frozen 2 movie releases into theater. We’ll actually be at Epcot the day it releases, November 22nd. Do they normally have any special activities or things going on to celebrate openings like this? I have not seen anything announced at this point.

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Don’t know, but I will be there on my first day. We will be attending MVMCP. I’m curious as well, but I doubt anything special will be done.

We were there for Mary Poppins last year. There was a special backdrop at ASMovies for photo ops. Other than that I didn’t notice anything. We considered seeing it at the DS movie theatre but passed.

They were (maybe still are) celebrating “The Lion King” at AK when we were there in July. CMs were passing out activity books at the turnstiles, and we saw some nice banners, but that was it. We declined the activity books, as we didn’t want to carry them around.

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Related story – my parents and sisters were at Disneyland the day of the premiere of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. They had a special red carpet with all the stars arriving and then the movie premiered on a screen by the Rivers of America. Regular guests weren’t invited to the screening, but they were able to line the red carpet on Main Street. My sisters shook hands with a couple of celebs and snapped pictures of some others.

Of course, that was a very unique occasion since PotC was based on an attraction at DL. I’m not aware of any other movie to get that treatment in the parks.

I was there the opening weekend of Avengers Endgame this year. They had a fun event at the AMC theatre in Disney Springs. They had a red carpet for people to walk down and fun activities and selfie stations inside.