Behind the Seeds Tour feedback

Hello! I am looking for some people’s opinions on their recent experiences with the Behind the Seeds Tour. 2 years ago we rode Living with the Land and my nephew loved it and expressed interest in doing the tour. He will be 9 at the time of our trip and we have other children with us ranging from ages 4 to 9. It does not interest my sister or me at all but we think it could be a good learning experience for the children. We are staying at the Yacht Club so we will be at Epcot 3 times during the trip. If you did this tour, did you enjoy it? I know it is offered throughout the day, what is the best time to do the tour?

I took my daughter when she was 9 and she loved it. We really enjoyed the tour and the young man who was leading our group was very knowledgable and obviously enjoyed what he was doing.
There were a few younger children on the tour but honestly, I am not sure that they got anything out of it. It could be that they were kind of dragged along because their parents wanted to do the tour. It didn’t seem (from my perspective) that they had much patience or interest in getting the kids interested in what was going on.
We were there in summer and did the tour around lunchtime. It was great for us. It gave us a break from the midday sun and by the time we were done most of the lunch rush had passed and we were able to sit and enjoy our lunch.

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We did the tour a few years ago, when my daughter was in 5th grade. She absolutely loved it - she was the one who wanted to go. My son (7th grade at the time) enjoyed it as well - even though it was not his favorite use of his time at DW!

And I would do the tour when it was the heat of the day! But that is because we rope drop and are always looking for something to do when the crowds are heavy and it is hot outside. You may want to sign up early. And remember to ask about discounts. I think they even have one for Disney Visa.

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One of the best kept secrets at EP, in my opinion. I would recommend doing it after you ride Living with the Land. It kind of adds to the “neat” factor to go behind the scenes of the ride you were just on. It’s also not a huge investment of time or money, so not too risky if you’re afraid you might not like it.


We did this tour in July for my son’s 12th birthday (his request). He loved it!! So did his older sister. It’s reasonably priced for a Disney tour and it’s interesting.

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My family is booked on this tour in a few weeks. My son, older daughter and I are doing the SCUBA dive at Epcot at the same time so I wanted to give the rest of my family something “extra” to do while we are off on our super awesome adventure. And this was convenient and highly rated. TBH I’m jealous. I can SCUBA anytime lol. I’ll report back after that about how it goes; our youngest going on the tour is in 5th grade, and the oldest (who I think will enjoy it the most) are my parents, in their 70s. I think that the 17 year olds will be ho-hum about the experience, and my dh will likely not pay attention anyway lol!

++ @paulleewatkins Definitely one of the best tours for younger children and a well kept secret


Thanks! I can’t wait to hear your report!

Thank you for all the feedback!