Behind the seeds - is it worth it

Hey is “Behind the seeds” worth it? It seems like there is a lot closed in Epcot and trying to stretch for some new experiences. Thoughts on this. What is the cuttoff for kids. We have a 9 and 12 yr old

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I’m not sure that the 9 yo can go, but I think they can.

It’s a fun tour! If you have any interest in gardening, it’s especially cool. Even without that interest, I found it fun. Minimally, you get to eat a cucumber slice shaped like Mickey, feed fish and release some ladybugs. What’s not to love? For the price, you can’t beat it. It’s a great introductory tour, and it might inspire you to do more backstage tours in the future.


My husband and I did that tour just this past December. We thought it was really interesting. We road the Living with the land ride before the tour, which was a good intro to the tour. My husband works in environmental services so he was really interested in all the information. I enjoyed it, as well, even if I didn’t have all the background knowledge my husband did.

I took my daughter when she was 8 and there were kids younger than her on the tour. We absolutely loved it. She has very minimal interest in gardening and things of that nature and even 2 years later she still talks about how interesting it was.

We did the tour with two kids. It was inexpensive. I found it informative. We had the cucumber slice, but no feeding fish or releasing bugs for our group.

My email newsletter from Chip and Company had a review of the behind the seeds tour in it this morning.

If that link doesn’t work, just go to their website the article should be there.

My DH and I did it. LWTL is one of our favorite attractions, and he is very into gardening. I thought it was a great tour, though I can’t say that my kids would have enjoyed it as much. We did not bring them, but we imagined that after the first few minutes, they would grow bored. But that’s just our kids, you know yours.