Beginner Questions

1-Does the Dashboard refresh itself and if so how often? I see the weather icons and the park crowd levels and I haven’t seen them change since I set up my account a couple months ago. I am hoping that the information on there will be the most current on the day before I leave.

2-In order to have my most up to date touring plan do I optimize it before I print it out?

Thank you. I hope both of these things are true otherwise this subscription hasn’t really paid for itself yet.
ooops one more question:

3-How are they going to factor in the reopening of POTC on Sept 26th? That is the last thing we are doing before we leave so I’m hoping it’s not going to be 3 hour wait as soon as the park opens.

Welcome! I can only answer question number two, and that is yes. Optimize at the absolute last minute. Further, if you use the Lines app, you can optimize while you are in the park for up to the minute information and time estimates. For this reason alone, I find the subscription invaluable!

I rarely optimize my plans because I have tweaked them a lot to cater to what we prefe as a group. I EVALUATE the plans for up to the minute changes. Then reorder things if I feel it’s needed.


1 - Yes, these values are refreshed. The Crowd Levels are refreshed when predictions are updated, which can happen when WDW updates park hours. You will usually see more updates as you get closer to your actual dates. The weather is updated when the NWS forecasts are, but don’t rely on anything more than 3 days in advance.