Beginner Questions for WDW

1-Does the Dashboard refresh itself and if so how often? I see the
weather icons and the park crowd levels and I haven’t seen them change
since I set up my account a couple months ago. I am hoping that the
information on there will be the most current on the day before I leave.

2-In order to have my most up to date touring plan do I optimize it before I print it out?

Thank you. I hope both of these things are true otherwise this subscription hasn’t really paid for itself yet.
ooops one more question:

3-How are they going to factor in the reopening of POTC on Sept 26th?
That is the last thing we are doing before we leave so I’m hoping it’s
not going to be 3 hour wait as soon as the park opens

Hi! Welcome to Touring Plans :smile:

  1. The Dashboard will refresh itself whenever they update crowd predictions (which, for example, has happened twice for me since starting to plan my trip 300 days ago). If you are tracking the days, you’ll receive an email when it gets updated. The weather is really just a guess based off of the previous years, and will absolutely update as it gets closer, probably more within 10 days or so before your arrival. Weather in Florida is very unpredictable, and forecasts can even change hourly, so TP’s weather predictions are really just there as an example.

  2. Going hand in hand with the updated crowd predictions every few months, that can also change the waits on the touring plans. They won’t update automatically though, so you’ll need to Evaluate or Optimize again as you get closer. Then if there are any changes, it will give you some more accurate numbers. If you are ok with the system reorganizing your touring plan to accommodate the new lowest wait times, use the Optimize function. If you like the order you have of the attractions and just want to update waits without moving anything, use the Evaluate function.

  3. This is a good question. I’m going to tag @len and @daybreaker to advise on how the POTC refurb is treated in the plans. But if you have any possible chance of getting a Fastpass+ reservation for it, I would highly recommend you do so. This will guarantee you a shorter wait than being in the standby line.

Also, is your trip happening in September? We have a Facebook group of other Liners that will be there in September and you’re welcome to join!

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One of the things we track for our wait time data is whether the ride is being refurbished. So the models should factor the reopening into the wait time predictions.

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