Before Park Open Breakfast at CRT

Hi everyone I have a CRT reservation for 8:25 on a 9:00 MK opening day. We are staying onsite, but even with an 8:30 early entry that puts us past our check-in time for our ADR. Does anyone know how this works? Is there a different access area for people with pre-park opening ADRs?

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In the past there was so I’d assume so. Ask a CM when you get there and they’ll direct you.

Yup! There is a line for ADR guests. Just look for it at the entrance (or ask a Cast Member to direct you).

PRO TIP: Get there as early as you can stand so you can take photos of you and your family in an almost empty park. With 8:30 Early Entry, they will probably start letting resort guests in even before 8:30am. With an ADR, you should be permitted to enter the park up to 30 minutes before your reservation time. So try getting there right around 8am in hopes that you can get in before they start letting in hotel guests.

I managed to grab these pics with an early entry ADR at Magic Kingdom.


My guess is park hours are going to be adjusted to 8am

Since reopening in July 2020 there have been no pre-park-opening ADRs in any park.

What date is this?

It is March 27th. It currently says that the hours are 9:00 open with 8:30 early entry. I had heard that they were no longer doing pre-opening ADRs so that is why I was confused

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@Lilabug How did it go?? How early did you arrive and were allowed to get in?
We have the same scenario about to happen 5/22, ADR for 0825 and early entry starts at 0830. Which side of the train station is the ADR line found on? What time were you actually sat for breakfast and did you feel you still have an advantage riding any rides with shorter waits in the morning?

It used to be far left turnstiles for pre RD ADRs.

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