Before going to WDW, I wish I would have

My first trip realizations were…

Everything has a wait including FP lines, mobile order lines, photopass, all the things even the “quick” things.

Don’t underestimate how tired you will be. We planned for rest breaks but the exhaustion was overwhelming for all of us. It’s like a marathon so pace yourself.

Don’t be afraid to venture outside the parks! Getting to other resorts from the parks is so easy and provides a nice break.

Last, just use the snack credits.


I like the park maps at . Under each park’s name, the “Theme Park Touring” link will bring up a page with maps. Good layout, nice use of color and symbols. One caveat: these are from last winter.


If you have small children, take picture of each child on your phone at the start of the day, just in case they get separated and lost. You have exactly what they are wearing and what they look like to share with WDW CM’s.


Don’t be too committed to your plan. Traveling with young kids especially, I had a super detailed touring plan but I also had things in every chunk of the day that I was willing to scrap. Some days we threw the whole plan out the window and went back to the pool because that’s what the kids wanted to do.

To go along with that, for the things that are most important to you, see if you can schedule them twice just in case.


On thigh chafing. Bike shorts under your clothes. Amazon even has some thin ones designed for modesty under skirts. My favorites are meant for actual biking and has a pocket on the outer thigh. I wore those under a loose skirt.

On swimming, wet hair and then leave in hair conditioner beforehand. Protects your hair from the chlorine.


Well, you still have to do daily showers. Swimming can just replace one of the other 3 showers you’ll feel like taking because of the sweat


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Haha, yes!

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that’s why my DH won’t go in public pools

Yeah, the chlorine kills any microbes before they can cause any trouble.

  1. It’s expensive so if you cannot afford to go don’t.
  2. There are rude people no matter where you go…Don’t let them ruin your fun.
  3. If you travel with kids, pre-plan their outfits and put them in ziplock bags for each day. That way when you get up in the morning you can give them the ziploc bag for the day and tell them to get dressed. It will same time of what do you want to wear today.(you can do this for adults as well)
  4. Don’t forget the swimsuit, you will need a dip in the pool at some point.
  5. Like others have said. Your on vacation and absolutely cannot do it all so do the things that are most important to your family and enjoy being in the happiest place on earth (for most folks) :slight_smile:

Absolutely THIS :raised_hands::clap:

It always amazes me that people will sit and wait, and complain about transportation, wait longer, miss fpp or adr’s or rope drop because the “buses were horrible this morning had to wait 65 minutes at POP”…

I’m always astonished that people don’t spend the TEN bucks to Uber.

My kids even know…10 mins pass or 1 full bus goes by…Mom is on her phone dropping a few $ on a Lyft. DONE. Time IS money in WDW!!


My biggest advice or “Wish I would have” is…


I’m the type of person who always has buyers remorse in the opposite way. I see something I like, but then talk myself out of it well because, “I don’t NEED it” or, “It’s too expensive.”

And then by the time its all said and done and I’m home I’m really wishing I would have bought that when I saw it because (if your like me) chances are what you liked is a park exclusive and you can’t get it on Shop Disney :worried:

So, just buy it. You’ll thank yourself later.


Have done this way too many times.


I think some of the pools use bromine instead of chlorine. Much better for our grandniece - her cheeks get so red in a chlorine pool, constantly wiping the water off her face.
She has thick wavy hair - for chlorine pools or ocean we put argan or coconut oil on/in(?) her hair before going in the water. Don’t need it with bromine.

We’ve always used Disney transportation except when we don’t and we get lost. Somehow we actually manage the 1100+ miles to get to Disney and then flub the driving around there.

There were a couple more thoughts but they’re gone . . .

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“weirdly ill because she was only down for about 10 hours. Threw up a couple of times in the night, slept till noon the next day, and then was pretty much fine.” @Beth33, there must be a name for this as my granddaughter had this exact same thing several trips. Maybe it’s just excitement.

@Captain_heidelj_pillager_of_trip_reports - the swimming pool as shower is especially good for boys about 8 to 11 when they find the rinse off shower. 71 rinses later, they’re beyond clean. And also more muscle toned from all the shivering.

@tddusina, this especially applies to our family and outerwear. My sister and niece had been loving their fleece lined jackets for years. One trip I went back and forth on this rain jacket and finally banished that remorseful beast and bought the thing. Best. Buy. Ever. Folded nicely. Never wrinkled. Kept out wind and drizzle. Light and breathable. Only problem, guys, it’s old. Maybe in December I can find something else not to be remorseful about. :grin:


I totally agree time is money and people should be more aware of where they can trade small amounts of money for more time. Ride share is a big one as you point out, especially if you have a party of 4 or less and the alternative is renting a car.

It can get more extreme - like it might make sense during normal times to do a VIP tour and get everything done in 1 or 2 days rather than spending the same amount over 7 days. Or it might make sense to stay offsite and use that money to have more days. Or it might make sense to stay onsite to feel the magic! Also might be worth adding a day to a multi-day ticket for $20-30 bucks in order to have a more relaxed pace the other days. Etc.

In any case, everyone should consider all their options and determine where their money is best spent, and make sure they budget enough so they aren’t stressed the whole time - may need to save an extra year so you can make those last minute decisions to grab an Uber without feeling like you are going to bankrupt yourself.


All good but especially the extra day savings on the tickets. Some of which can even apply to park hopper plus tickets when they existed and large groups. The inherent value was increased by providing options to a varied group.


Agree wholeheartedly which is why its always good to think about these types of things before you go on any vacation. I understand that some people might not want to spend the $10 on an Uber. But if that’s the case, you should be prepared you might waste some of your time waiting for transportation.

To me the worst thing are the complainers who also choose to do nothing about it.


ohhhhhh I like this idea…

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What’s the best site for a good map? You’re right; those Disney maps aren’t easy. Thx