Been on hold with WDW for 1:45 now

I’ve waited about an hour before, but this is getting ridiculous!

Holy macaroni. That’s awful!!!

You should have gotten a fast pass.


It’s the worst right?! I once called from my house phone and had to take my kids to the bus stop. I left it on hold, got back and was STILL on hold! Lol! I was SURE I’d get back and have to start over, but nope!

That’s really bad. They need to hire more people. It shouldn’t be that way. Not very magical at all.

Finally answered at the two hour mark. Unfortunately they couldn’t help me. What a waste of my phone battery. And my patience…

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What are you trying to do?

Move my Cali Grill brunch back an hour. I dont have much hope, but thought my best chance would be to talk to a CM.

I’m not sure that’s worth calling for. If there’s a reservation slot open, they can do it. But they can only see the same availability that you and I can.

Did you set res finder back up???


The phone lines are open until 11 pm eastern. I have had better success (ie shorter waits) when calling late at night. Doesn’t help you now, but maybe in the future.

I second what @OBNurseNH said … the CMs see the same thing you see on MDE for available res. There is an exception, however … if it’s a third party owned restaurant on Disney property (eg Rainforest Cafe at AK), there are sometimes res available by calling the restaurant directly even if MDE shows no availability.

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True. All of the Landry’s affiliates can be gotten this way. I have also heard that Jaleo is on Open Table.

Cali Grill, though, is not. :frowning: I would reactivate res finder

I’ve had the res finder up for at least a month and a half and only that one came up. I was hoping a CM could work some magic for me. But if there’s no way they can do it then I guess there’s no point in calling like you said. Alternatively I’m just gonna show up really late and hope that they will still seat me. Worst case scenario I’ve got an ADR at liberty tree Tavern later which was the original plan

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Keep trying. Most of my res finder victories have come in the last week or so leading up to the trip. People will cancel even the day before. Don’t give up and keep checking. And keep the res finder active!


Yes open table has helped me with Raglan Road before too.

That would be a good list to create - list of which restaurants can also be booked on Open Table.

Last month my wife tried to plan a birthday cake for me and was on hold for 3 hours, she finally had to give up because I came home and she didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Needless to say I never saw that cake.

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Funny. Somewhat similar story, but also shameful dad fail. DD1 had been napping during the call, but OF COURSE woke up right as the CM answered. She was ok for a minute but right as I was going into my spiel about this being my first marathon and wanting to celebrate with “Brunch at the Top”, DD1 started wailing. Totally ruined the effect of my personal pleas for pixie dust. So, I quickly took DD1 to her room and just shut the door (yes, what a terrible father I am). Ironically, she stopped crying and when I checked on her 30 seconds later she was playing with her toys. LOL!

Edit: realized I didn’t give any context. I’m running the Disney Marathon and have an ADR for 10:40 (about an hour after I plan to finish), and have been trying to push the ADR back an hour.

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Did they move it?

No :frowning: Apparently the availability shown to us on MDE is the complete picture, so if I can’t see anything, there is nothing they can do either. I was hoping they could use their superpowers to force me in to a timeslot, or that there would be some times set aside that only CMs could see. I was wrong. She did tell me that there’s a good chance they will still seat me even if I’m really late.

Also, since the resfinder only periodically checks availability, I’ve gone back to my pre-Liner ways of manually checking times every 10-15 minutes. I’ve also started using MouseDining again. I’m determined, dangit!

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