Beds at Pop Century

I am checking in tonight and recieved my room number by email (70’s - Building 10 - 4th Floor - Room 453). I checked TouringPlans and it says the room has a King Bed, which won’t work since there are 4 of us. I called to confirm and they told me the room has 2 double beds, a queen bed and one of those Murphy beds. Are they counting the beds in the connecting room?

maybe it had a king bed before the remodel? If it has a murphy bed then it is one of the recently refurb’d rooms.

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70s is a refurbished room so they will have two queen beds now…you will love it. Also being on the 4th floor is great because you won’t hear anyone above you. Enjoy your stay!! :smile:


That’s what I figured… I even called again and the person on the phone said the same thing about 4 beds… weird!

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