Bed rails on Murphy beds?

Thinking about booking POR again or trying CBR due to the Murphy beds… Do bed rails fit on them? I they do I think that would work perfect for ds1.5… Thanks!!!

They would fit, I believe, since they are the adjustable kind, and I “think” they can close down that much.

However, that being said I think they would be a total pain in the a** since you would have to remove them every morning to fold up the bed. You really can’t leave the bed down as it substantially blocks the path to the bathroom. Middle of the night? OK - I mean how many times do you get up. :wink: All day? Not so much.

Thank you! We are only staying one night for mnsshp (maybe two if I convince dh) so it’s really just for ds1.5 to pass out in! But it might not even be worth the hassle and we could just have him in the bed with us… Thanks again!

Last trip, when DS was 10, his biggest complaint was he had to get up when everyone else did and couldn’t lounge in bed because we kept banging into him. :smiley: So for a night or two it probably would be easier to have him in the bed with you.

Yeah thinking this idea wasn’t my best! Hahaha! Back to the drawing board… I don’t know why it’s so hard to decide on a resort this trip… Uggggg!!!