Becoming a Disney Travel Agent?

With the help of TP I have planned/assisted lots disney vacations. A well established, successful TA business(more than 40 years) TA owner wants to hire me to set up trips and help with all the little “extras”. She has heard multiple stories of “my”
amazing!! feats and jobs well done (mainly due to my TP membership, tips, etc) I have a meeting scheduled for next week, to discuss. Currently, she is offering 40% commission. Is that good?
Obviously, I will have to become a Disney planner/TA. I have known her and the business for 15 years. She is legit. She approached me. She has kidded with me for a few years about hiring me; and now she wants to really talk about this.

Good for you I hope you make it. On the other hand is this the way you intend to attract clients?

No. Not at all. (I mean “IF” I do become one, sure I’ll add my name to the TP list) Currently, I’m not looking or seeking business. I just wonder about the ins and outs. This would only initially be part time (she knows that and is hopeful that I would want full time at some point) Like I said, all new things to consider. Just looking for input from those that know. Thanks.

What a cool opportunity for you. Good luck.

Hi. I am the training and onboarding coordinator for a luxury host travel agency. I’ve gone through the disney college of knowledge training and got my certification. While I don’t actively sell travel, because I’m an agent trainer; I have access to the commission breakdowns. I’ll send them to you if you want to privately send me your email. Keep in mind she is offering you 40% commission of what disney is paying her. So while you are doing all of the work planning and selling the trips - she is keeping most of the commission.

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So is that high or low?
I am actually curious m’self.

There are all sorts of variables. Quickly though, room only , is 10% of sales tickets only are 8%, packages have different add ons which have different commissions. You really have to crank out some business if you are only sticking to WDW. Cruises and Adventures by Disney are more profitable for sure, but you have to have the clientele for it to really add up. We only have a handful of agents who will take on disney, because it is so much work. One of our best uses the Four Seasons Orlando over any Disney Property because the rewards/incentives are better.


This scenerio would make the OP about $32.00