Becoming a DISNEY TA?

I know this topic has been asked many times but I'm looking to become an independent Disney Travel Agent & can't seem to find information. Can anyone point me in the right direction? TIA

Hi @tinkertanchez - I'd start by looking at a reputable agency - such as -

Then, complete the College of Disney Knowledge.

Best Wishes!

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Hoping to bump this and looking for some advice. I saw a post earlier today on here about becoming a Disney TA. I am very interested, and I contacted the individual who posted it. I spoke with her for awhile, and it sounds really promising, but I want to get your feedback. It’s a $250 “entry fee” which covers your insurance and gets you all set up with the College of Knowledge, etc. You then make a 6% commission - the agency takes the other 4%. I looked online and saw that there were other agencies with a similar structure. Is this industry standard? They do not do any of the referrals or anything, you do all of your own marketing. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance.