Because I trust you all more than anyone

Just found out my wife’s job is holding a conference at the Swan next year in early May, so we want to plan a stay 4 days beforehand(thinking Art of Animation) and then just move over to the Swan for her conference and I can crash with her for free. If we buy the 4 day stay package through Disney, it looks like it will only cost us around $74 for 2 more days of park tickets(so 6 park tickets) Is that too good to be true??? While she is at her conference, I can fly solo all day at the parks and have her meet me for dinner/late magic hours. We just keep our magic bands after checking out of the original stay(Art of Animation) Can it be that easy???


Also, will I be able to reserve fast passes for those extra 2 days of park tickets?

Yes, it’s that easy, and yes, you can pre-book the fast passes at 60 days before the AoA stay as long as you or your wife links the Swan reservation in MDE and she has it booked as a 2 adult room.

We did this with a split CBR/Swan stay last month. I was staying at the Swan on points and initially hadn’t put the kids in the reservation* so MDE only let me pre-book my husband and my’s FPs for days after our CBR checkout until I added the kids to the reservation. You can’t extend a dining package past the Disney hotel checkout but using the extra days of tickets is no problem. We kept using the same magic bands.

*booking through Bonvoy points on Marriott’s website charges you an extra adult price for kids even though it’s not supposed to. Not relevant to you, but in case anyone finds this using the search function, you can book for 2 adults and then call the hotel to add the kids to the reservation at no cost.


Thanks so much for the response. Our plan was to go 4 days before the conference at the Swan and I would hang out 2 days until the flight home - with the prices so cheap for adding extra days of park tickets, it is a no-brainer. Now I need to peruse all these solo park plans that people have done.


Are you eligible for convention tickets?

I don’t think so as the conference was just announced, so I will have to check into that. :grinning:

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If so, that should save some money :smiley:


Yes. Once you buy at least 4 days of theme park tickets Disney begins to give you a substantial discount on each day there after - up to 10 days.

It’s there way to entice you to stay longer & spend more in the parks.