Beauty and the Beast DHS 4 July

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how early to arrive for this show on 4 July.

The park is a 6 for the day. We are not utilizing FP+ here as we are saving them for Epcot that night. My touring plan has me showing up at 12:45 for a 1pm show of Beauty and the Beast. Do you think this is enough time or should I take out a step earlier in the plan to give us more time. The show is really important to my DD15 who is a huge Belle fan.

It’s a very large theater. If being close to the front is important you might want to head over a bit earlier. If you are ok with just a seat, then I think you will be fine.

We were there on a low crowd day (3-4) and the entire front of the theater was reserved for FPP holders. Like @AuntB_luvsDisney said, if just getting into the theater is what you are after, 15 minutes should be fine. If you want a prime seat, I would be there closer to 25-30 so you can be in the first batch of people let in after FPP holders.

We where there on high crowd day (I think it was 8), got a good seat in the centre, but even when the show began people were still coming in and got a seat. So, with 15 minutes you should be absolutely fine.