Beast at BOG 4:50pm dinner?

Our reservation made tonight came with the disclaimer that “characters are not available this time of day.” Is our dinner too early? So frustrated… The Beast is our daughter’s favorite and I thought dinner was the meal that included a meet and greet right after?

I am thinking that you may still be able to see Beast. When we ate dinner at BOG, we really took our time and we there for almost 2 hours. If you do the same, I imagine Beast would be there by 6 or 7 as you’re finishing up.

I had this same question. I was surprised to see on our reservation the same disclaimer. And our meal is at 6:30.

I am concerned about this. Our ADR is 6:30 on a party night. Did not notice that disclaimer but reserved several months ago. Main reason we’re willing to miss some of the MVMCP is to meet Beast.

Oh no really?! I am surprised too! My understanding is that Beast is available for ALL dinner times, even early ones! That really stinks if that is the case.

I’ve heard that this disclaimer is always there, in the fine print. Beast will be there, but maybe not as a solid continuous time, and instead has frequent breaks. Others should chime in, but it seems the consensus is people always had a chance to see him at some point during their time in BOG for anything Disney called “dinner.”