"Bear Face Room" noise level (Wilderness Lodge)

I’ve seen debates on the merits of the Bear Face rooms, and in general rooms on the great lobby… some find them noisy, some not so noisy, but I’ve never heard anyone call them “quiet”. But looking at the room finder on TP, and filtering for “Quiet”, sure enough the 4th and 5th floor Bear Face Rooms show up. Really?

I’m not sure what a bear face room is but we stayed on the lobby at spring break and didn’t find it loud. We were fairly high so maybe that helped but we didn’t have a problem at all.

Bear Face rooms are the Courtyard View rooms on the main lobby. Most rooms off lobby are Standard View rooms along the sides, but Bear Face rooms are at the end opposite the entrance, with balconies facing the Inner Courtyard and pool area. If you look at the picture below and look for the face (eyes, nose, mouth), you can see why the moniker…

I see it! Thank you! We weren’t right there - we were above WCC. But probably around the 4th floor I would guess. It’s been a few years.