Beaches & Cream takeout?

Beaches & Cream is classified as a table service restaurant, and has (hard to get) reservations. I’m wondering if guests can pop in and get takeout ice cream?


There is a separate take out counter for ice cream. It does not have the same menu as the sit down part. You can still get the basics though, including ice cream cookie sandwiches. No kitchen sink at take out.

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Can you get the No Way Jose at the takeout? That is the best ice cream dish I have ever eaten!

I don’t think so. According to the TP menu, it says you can get a “mini Mickey sink” as the only special sundae.

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Such a bummer! I feel guilty doing an ADR and only ordering ice cream…but I gotta have a No Way Jose!

Piggy-backing on this…if we only want to use snack credits to get cones, should I keep the reservation I have at 10:20pm? If the take-out window is going to be super crowded and have a long wait, I’d rather go sit down.

I would think by 10:20pm the crowds wouldn’t be horrible at the take-out window, but I don’t have any real experience to say for certain.

Don’t feel guilty. That’s what we are doing with a B&C ADR. I DO feel guilty about inhaling an entire kitchen sink, though…

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Thanks for the responses, all!

so i can book an ADR adn then only use snack credits or pay out of pocket for dessert only? Really dont want to use a table service meal there

Absolutely! We did not use a dining credit at Beaches & Cream during our last visit because it wouldn’t have given us enough bang for our buck. We just paid out of pocket even though we had dining credits on our account.

I don’t think anything at Beaches and Cream is on the snack menu. It would need to be totally out of pocket.

The take out window has snack credit items. I do not know if the TS part has any snacks.

Pretty sure no. I have never seen a TS restaurant offer snacks on the menu.

I consider the takeout window a separate thing as the menu is so limited and just sweets.