Beaches & Cream facelift

Anyone else bummed by the new look of Beaches & Cream? We have ressies for it (our first time eating in, we’ve gotten ice cream from the takeout counter). I was looking at pics and recent review videos, and they’ve made it imho really drab, generic. The fun decor touches that gave it a nostalgic soda fountain look are gone apart from the juke box.

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Yes it looks like all the fun atmosphere is gone.

I was there yesterday…first time back in years… The pastel watercolor vibe is on trend with the Beach club theming, but that section almost feels disjointed from the 50’s counter area. I hardly took notice, though, what with the small girl sucking ketchup directly out of the bottle on the table next to me… and the parents knowingly leaving it for the next family… ugh…! *no worries, I let the manager know…

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Um. Sometimes it is better to be ignorant of such happenings…

Yes…ignorance is bliss…and sometimes also infectious…lol sorry…

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