Beaches and Cream

Hi. We don’t have much experience with dining at Disney - last time we just used the QSR to grab a burger. We’re returning in August and with the kids being a little older I want to try something different. So I’d love any opinions on:

  1. If you were to eat lunch in one restaurant in each park which would you pick ? I have two daughters and a wife who is veggie…

  2. Everyone in the family is quite taken by the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream. I note you now need ADR. Is it acceptable to make a reservation and then only eat dessert ???

Thanks for any help


Yes! It is fine to make an ADR for Beaches and Cream and just get the kitchen sink. Are you looking for TS restaurants at the parks?

Fun questions!

Table Service Restaurants:
MK: Be Our Guest
EP: Spice Road Table
HS: 50’s Prime Time (I think most would recommend Hollywood Brown Derby. I haven’t personally eaten there)
AK: Yak & Yeti

Quick Service Restaurants:
MK: Columbia Harbor House
EP: Les Halles Boulangerie
HS: Pizza Planet (currently closed)
AK: Flame Tree barbeque

You can order as much or as little as you like at any restaurant. No pressure to order entire meals.

Hollywood Brown Derby is two credits if you are on the dining plan. If you are paying out of pocket they have a good vegetarian choice.

For vegetarian I may try skipper canteen at MK.

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Here’s our favorites:
HS- Sci Fi for lunch. Decent food and a cool, dark retreat from the burning sun in August.
AK- Yak and Yeti or Tusker House brunch about 10:30 (first trip to buffet is breakfast, second lunch food) and includes great characters.
Epcot- Via Napoli pizza is a must do for us. We also like Garden Grill for both food and characters.
MK- Liberty Tree for lunch. Be Our Guest for dinner.

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Though you have to make an ADR for BOG lunch, it’s classed as QS.

Thanks to everyone for their advice !