Beaches and Cream - To Keep ADR or Cancel

I was able to secure a Beaches and Cream ADR at 10:20 on the night of our arrival (Yatchclub). We arrive mid-day and are heading straight to HS with 4:30 Fantasmic ADR at Hollywood Brown Derby. I know that by 10:20 we will probably be at least a little hungry but I’m afraid it might be a bit too long of a day. We will be up bright and early the next morning for a 7:00mk opening. Thoughts? Is B&C worth it? We’ve not yet tried it.

It’s all down to personal preference really. For us it would be too late, and we’d be more tired than hungry at that point. But if you think it will work for your family then I say go for it - B&C is a fun place and worth doing.

That would be one heck of an arrival day. I’d try moving it to another night if something happens to open up between now and then. Travel always makes me unnecessarily tired and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

This is too long of a first day for me, especially if trying to make 7am EMH (up at 5:30?). Maybe just stop at the ice cream window if hungry. That way if you decide you don’t want anything after all, no big deal and no ADR to worry about.

It’s nice enough but I’d be asleep in my ice cream at that time!

We just tried Beaches and Cream for the first time during our Thanksgiving trip. I had heard amazing things about it on the Be Our Guest podcast and decided we would give it a try. The food was good, but the dessert was spectacular! Truly, I still send my mom pictures of the No Way Jose at random times throughout the week. =) The only way I would keep your reservation is if you are wanting to sit down in the restaurant for a nighttime dessert. Another option is to get dessert via the walk-up window and take it back to your room or sit down by the lake.

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That sounds like a very long day. I would cancel the ADR and then if you still want an ice cream then swung by ample hills on your way back from DHS. Gives you flexibility to make choices depending on how you feel

All depends. I know my wife and kids would have lost it well before 10. B and C is nice - but not a “MUST DO” in my humble opinion. Why not do an earlier dinner some place and then possibly a “quick ice cream trip” later.

As you are staying at the resort - you should be in your bed by 12 midnight. So I would plan based on that.

Perhaps a few fewer activities will make the trip more enjoyable

I pulled the plug. I like the advice about just using the window if we want to try it. Thank you!